does anyone in manhattan want to be part of ophelia’s family? her history is pretty loose so it’s open xD friends are good too!

seeking a male best friend for ophelia!

i’m thinking it’ll be a play on the stereotypical gay-best-friend, in that she’ll be the gay best friend and always meddle in his relationships and whatnot. he’d be from manhattan or possibly queens.

if interested, let me know! (:

so i just HAD to join tick tock. posting this here so i don’t bother my main blog people

i’m leaving the country tomorrow so QUICK dirty deets

  • ophelia
  • 24
  • very much spoiled
  • carefree
  • fun-loving and a thrill-seeker
  • parents are gov’t officials, so she’s never worried about time
  • the youngest of a large family - her parents have been having kids since before they stopped aging
  • most of her family has gone into the government, but ophelia isn’t ready to give up her lifestyle for a job quite yet
  • lives in manhattan; raised to believe those in lower boroughs are lazy, stupid, etc.
  • works in the bronx/brooklyn at a daycare just so her parents will get off her back. she thinks it’s somewhat amusing, seeing how the other half lives
  • she’s kind of a bitch, though she doesn’t mean to me. it’s more naivete than actual dislike


  • open female
  • 21-25
  • lives in brooklyn/the bronx
  • mother of a child that attends the day care my charrie volunteers at
  • basically my girl’s going to meet this woman and her perceptions of time and “all those running out of it are lazy” are going to be thrown at the window and she’s going to fall in love with this girl and start giving her time to her and her child and
  • YEAH
  • take him/her pls?


  • i <3 plots
  • so
  • whatever you have in mind
  • except she doesn’t sleep with guys but other than that